The newly created FromPage2Screen Geek Moment of the Day

Today I am recording a new episode of FromPage2Screen and as I sit here and wait for one of my co-hosts, I have become inspired to introduce a new segment into the show.

It has come about because I am on Twitter as well as Facebook and this blog site all at the same time working on a few things at the same time.

Theres a man called Ryan Penagos who is the Editorial Director for Marvel.Com. He sent me reply to a Tweet I sent him about the passing of Police Academy star Bubba Smith.  That cheered me up. The reply, not the passing of Bubba.

Awesome that a guy with 1.4Million followers on Twitter saw mine and felt he should spare the time to reply to me. I geeked out a little bit. Which isnt often but it is something that I enjoy when it happens.

So there you have it. Geek Moment of the Day was born.

Perhaps half an hour later I sent a tweet to someone else and she replied. Who was she? Well Actress Virginia Madsen (star of  Candyman, TV’s The Event, The Number 23, Highlander 2 to name a few)  Once again I geeked out and Geek Moment of the Day became something I could definately get into.

I think its awesome when someone replies to me. Yes and I know actors and actresses et all are just normal people with cool jobs. But something does give me a nice kick when they are in the film world.

Chatting to Nabil last week, and John Foutz and Dexter Goad all make this little media structure that I am creating all worth while.

So heres hoping the Geek Moment of the Day/Week/Month just gets bigger.

It actually started off this morning when the actress who plays Sasha Valentine in TV’s Hollyoaks sent me a tweet. I havent watched Hollyoaks for a few years but it was nice that actress  Nathalie Emmanuel took the time to send FromPage2Screen a couple of tweets.