To the podcasters

When I first considered creating a FromPage2Screen podcast, I was never sure that anyone would listen,

I was never sure that Itunes would even let me be on their system, but they did and people listened.

 I remember months ago chatting with my co-host Harold (aka BigPimpinSFLA) who chatted to me about how now and again shows become not fun, that they become more homework than anything else. We both agreed that podcasting ever stopped being fun, then we would stop doing what we do.

But for me podcasting is always fun, sure in the far far future it might stop but I cant see that happening. for me movies have always been my life and always been in my life.

I love talking about them, love creating new ones and love writing about them. Since I started podcasting at the end of February this year, things have come on in leaps and bounds.

I started off recording using a video camera, then myself and a headset, then one co host (Harold) then another co host (Bob) then some guests (Nabil, Dexter, Joe, John, Candice) as well as podcasters from other shows would also come into my shows (David,Rashanii,Anthony Alex, to name a short few) Its amazing to me that these people even give me the time of day.

Only today I recieved an email from another movie show asking me how things were in the UK. I mean come on!! People showing an interest in me. People listening to the crap that comes out of my mouth, people reading these blogs, people leaving comments.

Its just a blessing, it really is I cant ever see podcasting not being fun. And with the beginning of the Open Forum Radio Network actually taking an interest in the things that I do, it all gets even better. But where would I be without the foundations of the FromPage2Screen Structure, the Harolds, the JVBs, the Heroic Superman’s, the Scarfingers and the VicJo and Patriots. I just wanted to post this blog as a way to say thank you all for giving me the time of day and know that each time I hear a shout out or hear my name even mentioned. An angel gets its wings (theres a movie quote for you, kind of)