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Firstly whilst on my lunch today I was listening to the latest Knuckleball Podcast. And Happy Anniversary for them, passing the one year landmark for them. Well done Knucklers!!!!

Secondly the rant from JW was priceless and his ever building craziness with the horrible children in cinema audiences.

I dont go to the movies as often as I would do for that very same reason. I cant stand cinema idiots. Mobile phone lights from rows ahead, people eating noisy food, people talking during the film itself and moving around constantly because they need to go pee, usually due to the 4 gallons of soft drink they have drunk before the previews have even aired on the screen. I hate them!

For me its not even about the money (well it is just not purely) Its about only being able to see a film for the first time ONCE, and if that first time is ruined by some oink with a Nokia phone in their hand playing f*cking angry birds when they are meant to be watching the latest Michael Bay Rom Com or whatever. Grr.

I have lost it on two occassions.

Once was my first trip to Los Angeles and there I was in 1999 watching The Phantom Menace weeks before it came out in the UK, I leaned over and told these noisy gits  ‘can you shut up, ive come 4000 miles for this film’   Thankully for them and me, they did shut up.

The other time was in the UK whilst watching Oliver Stone’s World Trade Centre and having to endure children throwing sweets at the screen. I shall bet you guess my reaction.

So JW, you arent alone my friend. I cant stand cinema audiences either.

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Larry Asberry Jr.

That is precisely why I don’t like going to the movies. But, this summer, I made up my mind to enjoy the movies I attend regardless of other folks.

Believe me, I know the frustration of being in the theater with inconsiderate patrons, but no one will ever discourage me from attending any film I want to. I hear you man.

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