Top Ten of 2011: Bulletstorm

Top Ten of 2011: Bulletstorm


By Matt White

These are the view of this writer and not particularly those of the Open Forum Radio Network as a whole. I am sure that all members of this network all have top ten lists that are completely different so with that said, lets get on down to number 6. That game is Bulletstorm from Epic Games.

Number 6: Bulletstorm

Early in 2011 “Gears of War” creators Epic games took a chance. They took a chance on a game that was a new IP. While some thought of “Bulletstorm” as little more than a vehicle for folks to get into the “Gears of War 3” multiplayer beta. While initially I thought the same thing, I then played this game. While not many new games have that large of a chance to become hits, there are many this past year that did not, this one was pretty damn good. While some might write this off as your typical shooter at first, it had quite a bit more to offer.

The story for this game is all over the place. All over the place but in a good way. For example its a space shooter, but not a space shooter. Its really sci-fi. It has an over abundance of humor, but not very child friendly. Its got dinosaurs, but only remotely controlled. All these things are true, but it has more of an adult playground or amusement park feel to it. Not adult in a nudity way, but just in the humor or language of this title. You start out as a member of what I would like to call a “hit squad” leader but find that your team has been set up so you have turned to a life of space piracy. I know it sounds great already right? When you start the game play your character is intoxicated and trying to get information out of someone by placing a empty liqour bottle on their head and threatening to shoot it off. One thing that is kinda neat in this sequence is that the screen is kinda blurry and your aim isn’t the steadiest. From then on you find the person that set you and your team up and try to go after them. After a space battle both ships end up crashing on a pretty much deserted planet. You find what the game calls the whip.

The whip is a new area of game play that I don’t think I have ever seen in any other game to date. With this you can create so called “Combo Shots” where you can link the whip to enemies, to shots, or even to things in the environment. One that I liked was to shoot or launch a enemy into the air, then hit the whip, land a few more shots then send them into spike plants. Of course there are many different weapons with many different types of “alt fire” modes. There are many different characters, environments, and boss enemies. The bosses in this game are actually pretty huge. Some of them gave me the feeling of truly epic battles, although maybe that is from me playing on the hardest difficulty level.

One of the levels that I probably enjoyed the most was when you went into the amusement park and you actually got to control a “RC” Godzilla type dinosaur. While this can lead to some major mayhem it was actually fun to just use this dinosaur to utterly destroy everything in that particular level. At the end of the level or at least your time controlling the monster with one of the best one-liners of a game that was full of one-liners. There are many other levels without really repeating any environments. That is a very good thing all original levels.

All in all, if you can get past the language and play after the kids are in bed, this game was a very enjoyable experience for me. For me it was also one of the biggest surprises of the year in a good way. With the way that this game ended I can see how Epic kept it open for a sequel, which I would be more than willing to buy and play on day one. I cannot say too much about this game. If you are like many others and just brushed this game off as just another first person shooter, don’t! Go out and either rent, or buy this game now. It is one of a very few games that are worthy of purchase, especially now that you can get this game for a steal of a price.