Top Ten of 2011: Dead Space 2

Top Ten of 2011: Dead Space 2

By Matt “Chtulu80” White

If there was a ever a sleeper hit for me it had to be the original “Dead Space” A survival horror game in which you played the part of a repair team sent to a large spaceship that has become disabled. Little did you know but it was overtaken by a boat load of alien beings. It brought the atmosphere and the scares to me in ways I didn’t expect. So when the the second game was announced, I pre-ordered it for day one confirmed.

When I got home with my copy of the game for PS3 it was like getting two games for the price of one because it came packaged with a copy of “Dead Space: Extraction” which was ported from the Nintendo Wii and was a rail shooter. Again you step into the space boots of Issac. The start of this game starts off with the frights and turns you into a paranoid mess. You start the game in a straight jacket and no weapons. Your only escape was to run for your life and eventually you will meet up with another crazy, which this game has no shortage of. You will eventually find weapons and start to piece together parts of this story.

You are on a space station instead of a space ship like the first game. Although the ship from the first game does make a surprising appearance in this game. It it almost like going home again, in a crazy way if you can imagine that. The story of this game is again strong like the first. Its many set pieces made you think about what happened to everyone on this station and who let all the crazyness loose. If you have anything to say there will be hell to pay and a plasma cutter to help. Most weapons in this game have been fashioned tools that a repairman might use in his daily work that you have made into killing machines.

There are a lot of different types of enemies in this game. I believe that there was more of a variety in this title as compared to the first one. There are also more weapons in this game to choose from. There are many different difficulty settings as well. I would not suggest playing on “Hardcore Mode” until you have played through the game at least a few times so you know the 3rd person combat and know where the enemies are going to be jumping at you from. Not that it is hard persay, it is the second highest difficulty, but where it really gets you is you are only allowed to save a total of three times throughout the game. So if you save three times in the first hour you are pretty much dead in the water. Also with most difficulties you can transfer your items into a “new game plus” mode. This makes the game fun to replay because you know where pretty much everything is and you can get more of the story instead of just being scared and paranoid throughout the game. It also lets you get more of the story which as covered before is great and should be experienced.

It was hard not to put this game as my top game of last year. There were so many great titles that came out throughout the year with this one being released in late January. It has to say something that this game remained on top of my list until late in the year. If there there was a tie for first this would be 1-A. The game is that good. While there is multiplayer in this title it does feel “shoe-horned” into the title and was really not that good and is probably deserted by now. Also like Killzone 2 this game should be dirt cheap by now so pick it up. Even if you haven’t played the first game, and if you haven’t shame on you, you can get into this game with little to no problems. This should be experienced!