Vladzhammer’s Gaming PC of DOOM!



Below is a list of some of the parts going into my new gaming PC. 

Big Picture Look1



Just parts on the shelf, getting ready for awesomeness

(a friend of mine, Don did the actual build for me)

1 - PC parts on the shelf

Adding the Motherboard to the case

3 - Motherboard is in

My chip cooler is bigger than most (be quiet!)

4 - CPU Cooler

chip and cooler installed…

5 - Cooler attached to motherboard

The EVGA GEFORCE GTX 980 Superclock ACX 2.0

6 - Geforce GTX 980 SC

Something this awesome needs a backplate….

7 - GTX 980 SC Backplate

Videocard installed….

8 - Videocard on board

This beast needs power, the EVGA Supernova 1200 P2…

9 - Supernova Power

Power, Blue-ray burner, Windows 8.1, 512 GB SSD, 4 TB HHD, fans, lights, etc. added….

10 - Power on board


11 - Cover on

   Finally it is home…

13 - It is ALIVE

The Beast up and running….

Tower of Power!

15 - Tower of Power

16 - Big Read Machine

Everything on ULTRA settings, smooth as butter, MEGA-Ps!, Super Quiet, Vladz’s PC of DOOM!!!

(Thanks Don!!)


Update: Check out my new PC of Doom Jr! http://openforumradio.com/vladzhammers-gaming-pc-of-doom/vladzhammers-gaming-jr-pc-of-doom/