Welcome to OFR 2.0 New & Improved!

You have reached the new and permanent website for Open Forum Radio Corp. and all its network of podcasts.  We discuss everyday lives, sports, music and food while geeking out over comics, tv shows, and videogames. You will be hardpressed to find as diverse a podcasting network as the one we have here.  We’re proud to offer this to you and honored you stopped by.  So sit down, grab a drink and lounge around with the crew of the Open Forum Radio Network.

If you’re looking for a place to discuss issues or need a crew for multiplayer, you have found your oasis.  With gamerlists from Zabari, you’ll find a network of cool, real people to play and talk with.  Our forums will also serve as the springboard for many issues discussed in our shows and will help you find other like-minded people. 

Enough said. We’ve built this website for you to play with so, without further ado, let’s get it.