What shall I watch?

How on earth do I choose what to watch? Thats always an issue I have when I have two hours to spare, and way too many films, television shows and video games to watch and play.Many times I’ve actually spent the running time of a film, trying to find a film to watch and then realise that I havent got any time left to watch anything at all.Nowdays I have my friends pick films for me to watch.

The co-host of my podcast @bigpimpinSFLA seems to enjoy suggesting films for me to watch from a list that I sent him Its kind of worked but as I type this I am two films behind already.  From Paris with Love (starring John Travolta) and Daybreakers (starring erm well I dont know) I would say that I hope to watch these films this week, and thats true I do, but please dont bet any money on completing that task. Im terrible like that.I opted to watch Death race 2 (starring ex boyband member of Bros Luke Goss)  Death Race2 was okay although it was at least fifty minutes before they actually got around to Death race car races. This film seemed to focus more on cage fighting matches which was a nice change but not the film I thought I was about to see. Still by the end of the film I found myself being happy that I had spent ninety minutes or so watching this film.  I planned to watch another film that day but didnt. Opting instead to sit on Twitter and chat to people I have never met.Jumping forward in time to this afternoon, I spent two hours watching Kevin Smiths latest Q&A filmed on his 40th birthday. Entitled To Fat to Fly.

I do like these Kevin Smith Q&A’s although they could also be classed as stand-up comedy shows, This is the fourth one that be released onto DVD and even though I would watch every one that he does bring out, the first one is easily the best and clocking in at near four hours.And finally I shall watch….well who knows……………But rest assured. I shall keep you posted.